There was a time when Flyme OS, a custom Android skin used in Meizu phones was considered not so good and it had many drawbacks. But after Flyme 6.0, this custom Android skin turned out to be an amazing and powerful UI that takes on the mighty MIUI. Meizu, the company who develops this proprietary OS based on Android, puts its heart and soul to make Flyme OS back to the race. Flyme 6.0 is loaded with tons of new features, performance improvement and a cool second space feature that can be managed via a custom fingerprint or a password. I have an old discontinued device bought from Meizu, the MX4 Pro and I was not hoping any software update for it as it is 3 year old. But a few days back I just checked for software update and it gave me a woo. It is highly surprising to me that an old and discontinued device got Flyme 6.0. I quickly downloaded and installed the update. Believe me that this new version of Flyme OS is totally revamped and it was clearly visible how much effort Meizu put into it to make it appealing. There are lot of features and improved user interface. To be very honest Meizu is the company who take of all its old and new devices and does its best to deliver regular software updates.

Lets cut to the chase and talk about Meizu second space or private space feature. Let me clear that with the help of this feature, you can’t install two versions of a single app (this feature may be arriving in future updates), but who gives it a damn as lots of app duplications are available such as Parallel space.

With the help of Meizu Private Space feature, you can have a personalize login containing your private apps, private files and anything else that you do while logged in in Private Space.

How Flyme handles second space

It can be considered as a separate user account which is protected with a different phone password or a different fingerprint. When you setup private space, Flyme ask you define a different password or/and a fingerprint scanner. On turn off and then turn on the display, you need to enter the Privacy More password or use the fingerprint your added for privacy mode. It will let you in private space and everything that you do their will not be visible in your general account. You can add apps to privacy space, contacts, set pictures taken private only, browsing history, files etc..

So with Privacy Mode, you can keep your sensitive and private data secure and no one can lay their hand on your personal stuff, neither a naughty friend nor your family. 😉

But there is a drawback of using Privacy modes. Apps that are added remains inactive while you are logged in general account and you will not get notifications from those apps.

  • First go to settings fingerprint and security
  • Enable Privacy mode and other option if required
  • Device will ask you to set a passcode and an optional fingerprint that was different from the fingerprint stored to unlock your general space
  • On setting up privacy mode, whenever you unlock your phone that specific passcode or fingerprint scanner, you will get into the second space or privacy mode. Here you can see your private(hidden apps), files and images taken in privacy mode

If you wish to rest privacy mode, you must move your private stuff to normal space otherwise it will be erased